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Design and implementation of computerized students identity card system




        In an examination of the main processing Techniques used in the ID-card processing system from the stage of the data processing system to end-stage of the processed ID-card, reveals a number of the problem areas, which include the following.


  1. It has been observed that for students to receive or get their ID-card in IMT-Enugu, the students queue up for several hours from one unit of the processing center to another with manual processes, involved in handling the students ID-card process. Most of them waste the whole day in the processing. Centre without getting their ID-card so a lot of time wasted in taking student’s information and retrieving the student’s records.




In view of the aforementioned problems inherent in the conventional system, the purpose of the study is to provide an overview of the ID-card processing system for student’s information with user(s) who have had little contact with computer science.

The aim of this study is not to replace record’s employees but to assist them to accelerate in their processing work

This will go a long way to eliminate illegal or invalid processing of ID-card which can be implicated to the students.

Thus this helps the user overcome mental stress and constancy of being overworked. This study is also aimed at educating the use(s) and record’s employees in IMT Enugu and other private and government-owned schools on how best a com could and ID-card processing for optimum services to the public.



This project will be tested on the following aims and objectives.

  1. To examine the current procedures employed in IMT Enugu with regard to ID-card processing
  2. To design a system with the ability to provide an on-the-spot processing ID-card.
  3. To design an ID-card processing system that ensures timely processing.
  4. To improve on the already existing system by designing an efficient secured (privacy) and reliable ID-card processing personnel through the availability of computerized information.




Due to the act that it is difficult to develop an ID-card processing system has been limited to student’s ID-card processing.

  • The processing covers all the school and Department in IMT Enugu.
  • The study also involves methods of inputting data and outputting student’s information on the ID-card processing system.

A brief description or comments on the processed ID-card is equally included.



  • Due to time constraints, a more sophisticated ID-card processing system that should be able to process ID badge system, Smart print, and starter system was not designed.
  • Another limitation was the cost of going to different libraries, browsing the internet and also going to the IMT-Enugu ID-card Processing Department of our case study seldom for facts finding.
  • Non availability of enough ID-card processing materials restricted the extent this study would have gone to.
  • Lack of cooperation from the ID-card processing personnel especially computer operators to run the source program that will help in establishing processing was also encountered.



This project will be designed and simulated based on the following assumptions.

  1. That the project will ensure timely processing
  2. That the new system will have the ability to improve on-the-spot processed ID-card.
  3. That the project will design a new system that will improve on the already existing system in terms of efficiency, security, and reliability.




Badge System:         A software that allows you to verify identities as people enter your facility.

ID-card:             Identification cards.

Smart print:       It is a wireless handheld unit used to read data from contactless secure personal identification (smart) cards.

Starter System: A system that allows the operator to quickly take pictures, input data, edit any filed depending on security setting, view, and print the card.


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